Professional Technologies

Touch Technologies

Apart from having a wide variety of product applications and multifaceted solutions, we are also equipping with industry-leading touch panel technology. Our products include various types of structure, such as Glass-Glass (GG), Glass-Film-Film (GFF) and Single Glass Solution (SGS), which includes One Glass Solution (OGS), Touch-on-Lens (TOL), and Glass-Film (G1F) etc. Our goal is to enhance the performance of TP products while making them lighter and thinner.

In addition, as an industry leader, we have earned SITO structure (Single Indium Tin Oxide Structure) and hundreds of other TP patents through continuous innovation and R&D in delivering better multi-touch and large-size touch solutions.

Modules Technologies

Our rich experience in the touch module process and exquisite techniques ensured high quality in mass-produced products. In addition, we possess a unique photolithography and lamination process and specialized sputtering, coating, bonding, and chemical strengthening technologies which allowed us to maintain a high yield rate which surpassed our competitors even during capacity expansion.

We are actively engaged in the R&D of new techniques and new materials, such as Ultra-Thin Sensor, Index Matching, and Transparent Conductive Material technologies to ensure our continuous competitive advantage in the future.