Excellent Quality

  • CNAS Accreditation Laboratory

    TPK Laboratory was granted the certification for ISO17025 by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) in May, 2009.Since the establishment of the company, invested heavily in the establishment of advanced QA Lab, mainly for product reliability verification, touch module failure analysis, measurement equipment calibration and harmful substance detection and chemical analysis etc.. to ensure to provide customers and end users reliable, high-quality touch products to enhance the company's competitiveness and stability. It mainly consists of three laboratories: Failure analysis laboratory, reliability testing lab, chemical analysis laboratory.

  • Six Sigma

    By practicing the continuously improving spirit of Six Sigma in our daily work, we continuously improve product quality, enhance efficiency, reduce the defect rate, and optimize manufacturing processes to maintain competitiveness in the TP industry.

  • New Product Introduction Quality Control Mechanism

    Ensure new product development meets the demands of “Time to Market, Time to Volume, and Time to Quality” to facilitate mass production. With new product design and development management programs as a foundation, we implement the manufacturing execution system (MES) in component follow-up. In order to enhance customer satisfaction, we hold quality review meetings with customers periodically to improve product quality.

  • EHS Standard

    We established, passed, and promoted an EHS management system to protect the environment, to improve workplace safety, to enhance working conditions, and to protect the legal rights of employees.