Multifaceted Applications

The range of TP application has been expanding in the wake of the ongoing development of TP technology. In fact, more and more electronic products are equipped with touch panels to bring a brand new user experience to consumers. Apart from such consumer electronics as mobile phones and tablet PCs, we have initiated cooperation with partners in other fields to develop TP modules for digital cameras, automotive monitors, notebook PCs, ultrabook PCs, AIO PCs, and large-size touch solutions.

We also provide corresponding TP solutions for other product domains, such as gambling systems, industrial control systems, medical products, handheld game consoles, and touch remote controls. In addition, our TP solutions are extensively used in industry businesses, such as retailing (cash registers and self-checkout systems), service (hotels and VIP rooms), banking (ATMs and customer service systems), airport service (boarding systems and directory systems), game consoles, display systems, and auto industries.

  • Automotive monitor touch solutions

    Touch panels make automotive monitors easier to operate, and larger-size touch panels bring consumers the perfect user experience. With automotive monitor TP modules conforming to the testing standards of rough environments, we are the best partner of automakers.

  • Notebook PC touch solutions

    By combining touch panels with various exclusively designed mechanisms, notebook PCs can incorporate more new applications. Our optimally designed TP solutions provide notebook makers with touch panels ranging from 7 to 17 inches.

  • AIO PC touch solutions

    AIOs with touch panels revolutionize the mouse and keyboard dependency of PCs and make PC operation more convenient. We have professional TP solutions to fulfill the TP requirements of AIOs and software.

  • Large-sized touch solutions

    TP technology effectively enhances the interactivity and practicality of outdoor commercials and display panels for public areas. Our TP solutions tailored for medium & large-sized panels can fulfill the large-sized screen demand of customers.