Corporate Social Responsibility

By upholding a corporate culture established upon “people-orientation, innovation, efficiency, honesty, and economization,” and pursuing corporate values featuring “love, honesty, responsibility, and respect,” TPK is committed to continuously improving working conditions and employee benefits, promoting labor-management cooperation, and creating a harmonious work environment. TPK participates in social charity activities through the implementation of the Social Accountability 8000 International Standard (SA8000) and adheres to national labor laws and regulations, other related business practices, and international conventions so as to contribute to society.

TPK also plays an active role to promote and participate in various cultural, art, social, and charitable activities by sponsoring exhibitions, performances, and seminars with charity groups, aiming to provide society with a more comprehensive cultural and artistic experience and to foster a sense of daily well-being. If you are interested in learning more about these cultural and artistic activities, please visit the TPK Culture and Art Foundation website.