Management Team


Michael Chao-Juei Chiang

Established TPK in 2003, Chairman Chiang has led the R&D of the transparent P-Cap touch technology, whose official mass production successfully started in 2007. Believing that the intuitive multi-touch of P-Cap has started the silent revolution for the man-machine interface, Chairman Chiang successfully bridged the gap between man and machine, thus making consumer electronics user-friendlier. Looking into the future, Chairman Chiang will actively lead the TPK team to develop various transparent P-Cap solutions to promote the popularization of touch panels to all kinds of electronics devices.

Prior to establishing TPK, Chairman Chiang has established Taiwan Video & Monitoring Corporation (TVM) focusing on the VCR and monitor market. In 1997, Chairman Chiang successfully transformed TVM from a general monitor manufacturer into a specialist supplier of surface capacitive touch (SCT) and projected capacitive touch (PCT) panels and initiated TPK's specialization in touch technology. Chairman Chiang graduated from the Department of Business Administration, Fu Jen Catholic University.


Leo Hsieh

Mr. Leo Hsieh has more than 15 year experiences in technology industry. He joins TPK in 2015 and is in charge of the Company’s largest business unit. He is conversant with TPK’s business strategy, organization and manufacturing process. Mr. Hsieh will continue to integrate the company’s internal resources and continue to provide differentiated solutions and leading-edge technologies to customers by integrating our business, manufacturing process, innovative research and development, finance and supply chain, etc.

Before joining the Company, Mr. Hsieh served at Lite-On Technology Corporation for 11 years as the Chief Operation Officer in Portable Image Device SBG and as the President of Lite-On Young Fast Co. Prior to that, Mr. Hsieh also worked at Nortel Networks and Winfanet Systems in the United States. Mr. Leo Hsieh holds a Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and an MBA degree from Duke University.