The Tenth TPK tech Zone in Xiamen Starts

Recently, TPK MasTouch Solutions (Xiamen) Inc. officially started to manufacture in Haicang District. This is the tenth subsidiary of TPK Group in Xiamen, and the third member of TPK group in Haicang District. As noted, TPK MasTouch Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TPK Group, with a total investment capital of 360 million US dollars. The first phase of investment reached over 180 million US dollars, mainly on touch module and related accessories projects. These projects have progressed to manufacture and are expected to have 3billion RMB worth of production this year, and it is projected that by 2016, the production revenue will reach 1 billion US dollars and provide 10,000 job opportunities. TPK already has two companies that operate in Haicang: Ray-Star Technology (Xiamen) Inc. and TPK Lens Solutions (Xiamen) Inc. Last year, the production value of these two companies reached up to 50% of the total value of Haicang TOEC industrial. The first quarter of this year, the two companies have created 569millions RMB, equal to 30.03% of Haicang electronic enterprises production value.