TPK honored with the “2012 China Most Innovative Enterprise” prize, and Mr. Tom Sun, President & CEO awarded as “2012 China Outstanding Innovative Entrepreneurs” at The 4th China enterprise innovation day in Beijing

In order to implement the Central Committee’s demands “to improve self-creative capacity, to build up a creative country”, and the important strategy “to speed up the transformation of economic development” the Chinese Association of Productivity Science (CAPS), under the guidance and support of WCPS and WAPS, hosted “the 4th China enterprise innovation day and 2012 (the 12th) Chinese Enterprise Innovation BBS”, undertaken by Innovation Committee of the CAPS. The event took place on June 9th, 2012 in Beijing at the Great Hall of the People.

Mr. Tom Sun, the CEO of TPK group, was giving a speech in the 4th China enterprise innovation day and 2012 (the 12th) Chinese Enterprise Innovation BBS

The vice committee of the 10th Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, honorary Chairman of the Chinese Association of Productivity Science Mr. Zhenghua Jiang is awarding for the enterprises, the fifth from left is the CEO of TPK Group Mr. Tom Sun

The activity was themed as “China Enterprise Innovation under Global Changes”. Thanks to the importance and urgency of the event, the event recieved wide attention and carried significance to people from all walks of life. Vice chairman of the standing committee of the tenth National People's Congress, Jiang Zhenghua attended the event and made a keynote speech. A total of more than 500 people,attended the event including: Relevant state leaders, ministries and commissions of the state council, famous economists, well-known business leaders and innovative entrepreneurs from various industries and different fields.

Chang Yi, deputy secretary-general of the CAPS, stated that the current world economy in general would still be very severe and complex for years to come. He stated that global economic growth and international trade have slowed down recently, and that the international financial market has been very unsteady. All of these risks have increased, adding to the instability of the world economic recovery. After consulting with experts, businesses and the media, the Organizing committee decided to adopt "China Enterprise Innovation under Global Changes" as the theme of this event, and deepened the scope to include discussion and communication on the topic, which elicited a positive reaction from the participating experts and entrepreneurs. The event will play a positive, practical, and long-term strategic role to strengthen the leading innovative businesses, to promote the creation of independent corporate innovation systems, and to improve the core competitiveness of businesses. The event therefore plays a key role to to help our country's economy stay in sync with global demand and promote domestic growth.

This event is geared to the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs in China that have been nominated by the committee or volunteered themselves. The committee selects those businesses that meet the committee’s standards for innovation, responsibility, influence and self-impetus. The selection committee is composed of the national development and reform commission, the ministry of commerce, "state-owned assets supervision and administration" commission of the state council, the laboratory, the state council development research center under the state council. The selection committee also includes other experts and scholars, celebrities and the central major media organizations,. The selection committee then selects the winners of its awards using objective and fair criteria. The list of awards includes: “2012 China Top Ten Leading Innovative Enterprises”, “2012 China Most Innovative Enterprises” and “2012 China Innovative Entrepreneurs”.

The award ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the People. The elected results have been published in People's Daily, Xinhua Net, Sina, Sohu, and the Economic Information Daily.