TPK Selected as One of the Xiamen City Manufacturing Industries Top 10 and Xiamen Enterprises Top 100 for Five Consecutive Years

For five consecutive years, TPK has been selected as one of the "Xiamen Enterprises Top 100". This year, TPK was ranked sixth in the Xiamen Enterprises Top 100 and third in the Xiamen City Manufacturing Industries Top 10.

The Xiamen Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Association announced on June 21, 2012 the rankings for the top 100 enterprises, top 10 Manufacturing Enterprises, and top 10 Service Enterprises in Xiamen. The association analyzed the annual audit reports from the top 100 enterprises and produced a research report on growth trends, economic efficiency, voluntary innovation, social contributions, share structure, industry distribution, and changes in rankings of major enterprises in Xiamen. Of the top 10 manufacturing enterprises, five were state-owned or state-held enterprises, four were foreign-invested enterprises, and one was a private enterprise. There were six enterprises with operating venues exceeding RMB 10 billion.

(Source: Xiamen Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Association)