TPK Selected as One of the 2010 Xiamen Enterprises Top 100 and Xiamen City Manufacturing Industries Top 10

The Xiamen Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Association announced the rankings of the top 100 enterprises in Xiamen for the fifth year and the Top 10 Manufacturing Enterprises and Top 10 Service Enterprises in Xiamen for the first time on June 21, 2010.

The Xiamen Manufacturing Enterprises Top 100 analysis reports have become a new type of economic "indicator" since its inception and, every year, it represents a "signal" observed by society as a way to understand business development in Xiamen. Compared to past years, the top 100 criteria this year have been raised. First, companies in Xiamen were better developed in 2009, driving the sales income requirement to RMB 600 million this year compared to RMB 580 million or higher last year. Secondly, in addition to the top 100, the association added the top 10 for manufacturing enterprises and service enterprises.

Among the top 100, 29 were state-owned or state-held enterprises; 32 were foreign, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau investments; 38 were private enterprises; and one was a collective enterprise. TPK has been selected for three consecutive years. From 59th in 2008 and 27th in 2009, we have ascended to 19th place this year for our steady and ongoing sales growth. In addition, we were selected for the Xiamen Manufacturing Enterprises Top 10, which is an even more prestigious part of the 2010 Xiamen Enterprises Top 100.