TPK Selected as One of the 2009 Fujian Enterprises Top 100

After the list of the 2009 Fijian Enterprises Top 100 was released, TPK was ranked 70th and among 55 enterprises with sales growth of 10% or more. From strong development trends within TPK, we know that a higher ranking can be expected next year as TPK continues to contribute to the economic development of Xiamen and Fujian.

The Fujian Enterprises Top 100 rates enterprises in different fields in terms of their scale while referencing the World Top 500. The sales income of a company’s primary business in 2008 was the major rating indicator. After referencing profit status, the Fujian Enterprises Top 100 selects the top 100 enterprises from secondary and tertiary industries and entities (including the parent company of enterprise groups, except investment and management groups, and secondary or lower units of central businesses in Fujian) of a certain scale. The Top 100 is in its ninth year, and the scope of its rating and methodology has been optimized through experience to emphasize objective, fair, and unimpaired ratings based on enterprise data. Therefore, the rating results have become an important reference for observing developmental changes in large scale enterprises in Fujian.