About TPK

About TPK

We are the leading touch solution provider, offering a full suite of touch solutions tailored to different customer requirements. We believe our market-leading position results from our technological leadership, vertically integrated production capabilities, high standards of operating discipline, and economies of scale. Leveraging these competitive strengths, we further solidify our first-mover advantage and forge long-term collaborative relationships with most of our major customers, many of whom are leading global mobile, personal computers, or PCs, and consumer electronics device innovators. We are at the forefront of the technology revolution whereby touch technologies are increasingly integrated into mobile and consumer electronics devices, such as smartphones, tablet PCs, notebook PCs, ultrabook PCs and electronic book readers. Our core technology lies in projected capacitive, or P-Cap, touch solutions, including glass on glass, or G/G, glass on film, or G/F, and single-glass solution, or SGS, that provide a versatile and intuitive user experience, enabled by multi-touch gesture with feather-light sensitivity, which are key features increasingly desired by end-users. We believe that we are well positioned to benefit from the increasing demand for touch solutions in diverse end markets.

Since our inception, we have devoted our resources to design, develop and market P-Cap touch solutions. Our undivided focus on touch technology has enabled us to formulate our technology roadmap and make strategic and operational decisions based solely on our commitment to this technology and our customer requirements. We believe that our focused efforts have enabled us to establish our leading market position, and achieve industry-leading yield rate and manufacturing efficiency. Due to the closer collaboration with our customers, we believe that we can better forecast demand, along with our comprehensive understanding of the touch manufacturing process and in-house equipment development capabilities; we believe that we can make timely capital investment decisions and implement capacity expansion successfully.

Our vertically integrated production capabilities enable us to efficiently provide comprehensive product solutions to meet our customers’ specific demands while reducing the time-to-market of their products. Our customers also benefit from the economies of scale of our large-scale and centralized manufacturing facilities, which enable us to provide highly efficient and cost-effective solutions. We will continue to dedicate our resources to further solidify our leadership, through focusing on manufacturing process improvement, production technology enhancement, new product structure and use of alternative raw materials, with the aim to maintain technology leadership and widen our product offerings.

Corporate Culture

Our corporate endorses “people-oriented” culture and practicing the corporate principles “creativity, efficiency, integrity, and simplicity.” We expect employees to practice the motto “Success is the right person doing the right thing” upon the corporate values of “love, honesty, responsibility, and respect.” TPK is committed to build a brighter future.