TPK Milestones


  • 11 Established TPK Multi-Asset (Xiamen) Inc.
    Established TPK Core Asset (Xiamen) Inc.
  • 10 Established Amplifi Channels Hong Kong Co., Limited
  • 09 Established TPK Auto Tech (Xiamen) Limited
  • 08 Established TPK Auto Tech Co., Limited


  • 12 Established Amplifi Tech (Xiamen) Limited
  • 06Established the Japan Branch of TPK Universal Solutions Limited
  • 04Established Amplifi Tech Hong Kong Co., Limited
  • 03Established the Taiwan Branch of Amplifi Technologies Inc.


  • 12Established Amplifi Technologies Inc.


  • 12Mr. Leo Hsieh was promoted a President, Chief Executive Officer
  • 10Established TPK Material Solutions (Xiamen) Inc.
  • 01Established Jan Jia Trading Company Limited


  • 09Mr. Hwai-Hai Chiang was appointed as a President, Chief Executive Officer


  • 12XiaMen Jan Jia Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. acquired 100% shares of Suzhou Jingtong


  • 11Mr. Michael Yi-Hua Chung was appointed as a President, Chief Executive Officer
  • 07Established TPK Advanced Solutions Inc.
    Established TPK Chenqi (Mainland) Solutions Inc.


  • 11Established Jinshunxin Development Co., Ltd.
  • 08Established TPK Material Solutions Inc.
  • 05Dynamic Electronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is changed to TPK MasTouch Solutions(Xiamen) Inc.
  • 05Acquired 100% shares and merged MasTouch Optoelectronics Technologies Co., Ltd
  • 03Established TPK Cando Solutions Inc.
  • 02Established TPK Touch Solutions (Pingtan) Inc.
  • 02Acquired 100% shares of Dynamic Electronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.


  • 07TPK Universal Solutions Limited established TPK Film Solutions Limited
  • 04TPK Universal Solutions Limited acquired 51% shares of Jin Jia (Xiamen) Optoelectronic Technologies Limited
  • 01Established the TPK Six Sigma Steering Committee to plan new strategies and implementation indicators


  • 11Established the Compensation Committee
  • 07TPK Universal Solutions Limited acquired 19.9% shares of CANDO Corporation
  • 04Acquired 50.07% shares of MasTouch Optoelectronics Technologies Co., Ltd
  • 04Issued the first-time ECB for 2011
  • 04TPK Touch Solutions Inc. was relocated to Neihu
  • 02Established the Taiwan Branch of TPK Universal Solutions Limited
  • 02Established the TPK Glass Solutions (Xiamen) Inc


  • 12Established the TPK Universal Solutions Limited
  • 12Established the Ray-Star Universals Limite
  • 12Established the TPK Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd
  • 10TPK Holding Co., Ltd. is listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange Oct. 29th 2010. (Stock Code 3673)
  • 08Established the TPK Culture and Art Foundation
  • 07Public officering
  • 04Established Ray-Star Technology(Xiamen) Inc
  • 04Established Ray-Star Optical (Xiamen) Inc
  • 04Established the TPK U.S.A., LLC
  • 03TPK acquired the remaining 50% of Optera TPK Holding Pte. Ltd and a portion of Optera's assets and team
  • 01Board of Directors & Shareholders Meeting approved application filing for IPO in Taiwan
  • 01Independent Board of Directors elected and Supervisor Committee established


  • 06Implemented the Six Sigma
  • 02Established Greatec Precision Solution Corp. Taiwan


  • 06Official mass production began


  • 06Established TPK Touch Systems (Xiamen) Inc
  • 05Established TPK Lens Solutions (Xiamen) Inc


  • 12Established Optera Technology (Xiamen) Co. Ltd
  • 11Completed the registration of TPK Holding Co., Ltd. in the Cayman Islands


  • 08Established TPK Touch Solutions (Xiamen) Inc


  • 05Established TPK Touch Solutions Inc